The best gift ever can be given to a person is appreciation. No matter how small or big work he has done, a couple of words of appreciation will motivate him and will make his day. As its always said give respect, take respect. Life is whole about give and take. If you are managing a team the key skill a team leader should have is appreciating your team members. And if you learn that, your team will be the most good performer of all the teams. You should know how to handle a person or to motivate him. Even if he has done work not upto the mark you should only say you have done a good job but, I know you can do it better. And next time you will see the result. He will make sure to do it in a better way 🙂

A small word with a larger meaning and impact. Hope you will try it in your life, and do let me know what was the impact 🙂


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