Sacrifice is the first step towards success !

Yes, its right ! While climbing each step of success you have to sacrifice at least one thing. The common sacrifice while climbing the steps of success is family. Some families don’t want us to play with our life’s or take risk. So, they don’t support us and there we sacrifice our family for our dreams. May be on other step some sacrifice their love. Love, with which he want to spend whole of his life. But, instead of selecting a happy life with his love he selects to sacrifice his love for achieving his dreams. And in this way every now and then sacrifices leads us to success.

This is life.. GIVE and TAKE. NO PAIN NO GAIN. So, if ever you have sacrificed something don’t be upset always think god has something more better than this for you. Once you realized this you will never feel sad and will chase your dream one day 🙂


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