What is Life ?

A big and a very common question for all of us. If we are happy we feel like we are in heaven. And when we are sad sometimes, feel like ending our life. I always think why there is sadness, difficulties, problems in our life ? And everyone answers life is combination of happiness and sadness. The value of happiness is known after value of sadness.

Yeah, I do agree ! But, I wish there would have been no sadness no difficulties in my life. I want everything that I wish for. But, when I look back I see “whatever happens, happens for a reason”. For example, when I was a child I never used to like to study(like most of the children). But my mother always made me to go school forcefully. I used to hate it. But, today when I have completed my post graduation I realize what is the importance of studies in our life. So, this was a very  short example. I used to cry a lot and feel god dosen’t like me . But, It was good for me.

Whenever we face a problem we always compare our life with others life. He is so happy and why I am not ? But, in this world each of us have some or the other problems in our life. Whenever you feel like giving up and not fighting for yourself remember one thing “Nothing is permanent”. Where there is a problem there is a solution. A light of day comes after darkness of night. So if you are sad, then get ready to get happier than before. 🙂



  1. Life does not have to be a combination of happiness and sadness.
    Sadness exists in the absence of happiness. The goal is eliminate sadness. Eliminate worry, doubt, frustration, guilt, etc. all negativity. This is the road to happiness.

  2. Assiya Shaikh U may n believe …but I have different problem. I am the one blessed with happiness, although that is NOW. 60 years of my life were unhappy ones, most of my own doing/thinking/behaviors.

    But now I am faced with meeting all the tiime “unhappy” people, and–in a kind of “Pride in Reverse–feel sort of guilty, NOT BAD guilty, but just wishing SO MUCH that everyone could be happy, and at peace…but that is like me trying to play God, you understand?

    So I keep working on this difficulty of PRIDE, and, through acceptance of (almost) everything, humbly bow before the ONE GOD (there can only be One!) No matter HOW the world wishes to divide God, using differing names for God–from the beginning of time.

    I HAVE said ENOUGH for a “comment” HAHA!

    Thanks for your note/message. Glad to hear from you.

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