Happy women’s day

Dedicated to all the women and men’s,

Its universal truth that everyone is unique in their own way. So, why women compare with men? She is far stronger them. It may not be physically but mentally of course. Mens always say its very difficult to understand a women. That’s true because every girl only wants to be loved and care. Simple thing but yet difficult to implement. A well said by someone god cannot be everywhere so he created mother. You are blessed with ability to give birth and know the baby 9 months more than anyone in this world. Many girls have already married and left their wonderful world with their parents and some are on their way to accept another home as your own home. Every girl is special. Some are beautiful, some are intelligent, some have the qualities which are unique to them. But as a women, one thing is common you are special. You are no more a burden on anyone. You have the ability to take the burden on you. Every girl has suffered through harassment on small or a large scale. Its time for you to be strong, you are but you have to show it. Stop being scared and respond to this so that the guilty gets scared to do it to anyone else.
You always don’t need someone to protect you sometimes you have
to be the protector for yourself.

Mens look younger than women inspite of their same age or sometimes even than the women who is younger to them. I want to say to all the men’s out there, women goes through many physical changes during her life. From being a girl to women than a wife than a mother. With every stage she gives more importance to her loved ones than to herself. I know many men’s do care for their ladies it can be anyone mother, sister, wife, friend or daughter. But, many don’t show it. Do show them, they only want this from you. Inspite of wishing them only happy women’s day do a special gesture just to make them feel yes, they are special.

Happy women’s day !!


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