A new initiative by Indian government. They have launched “women only” bus. Specially during peak hours so that women may travel comfortably. A round of applause for this step.

Wait !!! Why do we women need this ? Special coach in train, reservation of seats in bus and now this “women only” bus? 8 march is celebrated as international women’s day to acknowledge the achievements by women’s. This day every women is told that they are not less than anyone and they do accept it. If we the women are not lacking anywhere then why do we need special reservations treatment ? Many will troll with answers that it’s not comfortable to sit with many men’s, and why we don’t feel comfortable? Because we were harassed sometimes by not only physical touch but plenty of times because the way they look at us with lust.

Is this the case only with women? Do men’s also go through it ? Yes, they do. Even they are harassed. I was watching an Indian television show “satyamev jayate” and a men said his story on that show. He was sexually harassed for about 16 years. Yes 16 years, by his own uncle. It was terrifying to know this. Like women even men has many problems. Its just that we both have our own different problems and every individual think his problem is bigger than anyone in this world. Always remember one thing, god test you only on what you are capable of. So, no problem is bigger than your capability.

As women feel they need to be cared even men feel the same. Men’s are less expressive than women. They will rarely share their problems or issues they are going through. Sometimes try to understand them too.

This world is not about who is stronger ? Men or women ? It’s about how we “human beings” can make this place better to live in.


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