Nothing is permanent

Hello guyz 🙂 I hope you are doing well. A post after a long time. Sorry for the delay.

Today I was thinking about the phases of life. We come in this world as a small baby then we grow up go to school, college. We get married and have our own children. We  grow old and die. Is this life ? Is it really worth living our life in this way. We come in world and go. Only some people know us and after we die they say he was a good person. He was a bad person and all. That’s it ? Have we ever thought why god has given us this life ? Just to wait when we will die ? And many of you will get an answer “NO”. We are not here to wait for our death. Have you ever ask yourself what are you doing with your life ? Are you living it the way you want ? Are you satisfy with your work ? Don’t you really want to help others ? And if answer to every question is NO then you have to change the way of your living.

Do not do big things to change it. Do small things which will give you happiness. For example, I get happy when I give food to my cat. I am not doing a great thing. But, it makes me happy. No matter how less salary you will get in a job which you like it. But, you will be happy. You will give your best towards your work. You wont get frustrated. You will enjoy working. Work will become a game for you. Life must keep on changing. If everything is permanent in life you will hate your life for being so boring. If Nothing is permanent in life, neither happiness nor sadness then why your way of living is permanent ? Don’t you get bored everyday getting up for your job which you never like it to do? Don’t you feel to be a child again with other children ? Don’t you feel enjoying with your friends in weekends ? If YES then what makes you stop doing this ? Get the answer of it and get a solution to make your life easier and happier. Atleast once in a life do something that you will be proud of yourself 🙂 And if you haven’t yet done some proudly moment in life then what are you waiting for ? Go for it. Make your life a useful life do not not waste it. Because life is a gift which all of us get only once. Make best of it. Do not spoil it. Lets start from today itself. Because, “Tomorrow never comes”.


What is Life ?

A big and a very common question for all of us. If we are happy we feel like we are in heaven. And when we are sad sometimes, feel like ending our life. I always think why there is sadness, difficulties, problems in our life ? And everyone answers life is combination of happiness and sadness. The value of happiness is known after value of sadness.

Yeah, I do agree ! But, I wish there would have been no sadness no difficulties in my life. I want everything that I wish for. But, when I look back I see “whatever happens, happens for a reason”. For example, when I was a child I never used to like to study(like most of the children). But my mother always made me to go school forcefully. I used to hate it. But, today when I have completed my post graduation I realize what is the importance of studies in our life. So, this was a very  short example. I used to cry a lot and feel god dosen’t like me . But, It was good for me.

Whenever we face a problem we always compare our life with others life. He is so happy and why I am not ? But, in this world each of us have some or the other problems in our life. Whenever you feel like giving up and not fighting for yourself remember one thing “Nothing is permanent”. Where there is a problem there is a solution. A light of day comes after darkness of night. So if you are sad, then get ready to get happier than before. 🙂